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 To our Esteemed Fighters

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PostSubject: To our Esteemed Fighters   To our Esteemed Fighters Icon_minitimeSun Aug 26, 2012 9:59 am

This is, first and foremost, a school. I am here to help mold you into future superstars of whatever federation you choose to join after me. I want to make TWG a better place for Roleplayers across the globe. So, here is what I can offer you to ensure your future success.

1) If you complete the 4 weeks of Roleplay assignments, to my satisfaction (meaning editing it when you have to), I will spread your name and praises to any GM who asks about me. Even better, if you want me to talk you up to a specific GM, I will do so without a second's hesitation. I plan on giving other GM's access to this site to read and look over things more than anything else, and if they like what they see, I'd be happy to set up a future partnership between the two of you.

2) If you choose to stay after a season, the odds of you being one of "The Four" DRASTICALLY increases. This will mean I'd showcasing your content (and that of three others) almost exclusively on the show. You will absolutely get an RP star if chosen. However, I have no intention of keeping people longer than 2 seasons under any circumstances.

To any visitors seeing this, if you have someone in your federation (or ARE that person), interested in taking my classes I only require your commitment to excellence. Oh! That and to not be in another fed. I have no intention of stealing from fellow GM's. That's shady and I don't care for it. If you wish to leave your fed to come here, I would request that you contact your GM and have THEM talk to me. If I find you quit just to join me, you won't be joining me.

Last, but certainly not least, you can always view any previous show we have at our wordpress site, at http://dungeondivers.wordpress.com

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To our Esteemed Fighters
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