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This is Excel League's Fighters secondary show, Dungeon Divers!
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 What are we at Excel League Fighters?

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PostSubject: What are we at Excel League Fighters?   What are we at Excel League Fighters? Icon_minitimeTue Aug 21, 2012 9:36 am

So, apparently there's some confusion as to what my intention is for this fed and the people foolish enough to sign onto it. Well, I've explained it mostly in my ABOUT page on The ELF Wordpress Page, but I imagine not many people will seek to go through the hassle of deciphering that. So, let's get to the nitty gritty, shall we?

Excel League Fighters : Dungeon Divers is going to be, basically, a Roleplaying School. For all those players who want to be able to write stories about their wrestler coming up the ranks and making all their dreams come true. We will, all behind the scenes, help you understand what it takes to make a better than average role play.

What I want is for those players with limited RP experience, but a desire to get better, to join me. There, I'll ask them for role plays, help them develop their character, get them more in touch with what a legit GM would expect of them, and give them a safe space to try stuff out they may not have tried before. Either learning how to RP as a solo act, or in a feud with another individual at ELF, I hope to be able to give them pointers to get them on the right track.

Then, of course, I need to run a show. Well, that will be for four specially selected people who I feel can carry a full show every week. These four people, along with myself, will perform the only pieces that ever see the light of day. This has two functions.

a) New players won't have any of their wrestler ideas broadcast, so they can polish those ideas and take them into other federations. If everything works out, they'll be able to adapt those to their new feds.

b) To showcase the actual talent of the four 'chosen' wrestlers, so that other feds will actively seek them out and steal them from me (at the end of the season).

Those 4 players will have their wrestlers playing a game. That game (for the first season, anyway) will be based loosely on D&D, and those wrestlers will make a group of four characters for that game. Yes, people will be playing as wrestlers pretending to play Dungeons And Dragons... Well a fake version called Dungeon Divers!

So, imagine taking your wrestler and making them (while staying in Wrestler Character) play a Paladin or a Wizard! Yeah, it's an awful idea for sure, but that's the beauty in it. It's forcing players to think not about what they as a wrestler would do or say, but what a wrestler would think their dwarven rogue would do. Then comes the fun part...


Yeah! All of the people who watch the show will have the ability to vote on their favorite characters. Each week, a poll will be put up (but the results will be hidden) and the winner will get a bonus and the loser will have their D&D character die. No, not the wrestler, just his/her character. There may have been some confusion about that. However, even if they die, they don't get to leave the table. No no. They get to help me come up with more things to throw at the survivors. If someone screws up and gets someone else killed, that dead person can make a real impact on things later for the screw up. Overcoming adversity makes a stronger role player, creates drama, and makes things exciting.

Then, there's the prizes. When we have just two people left (the final show of the season) the winner will have been decided from the previous week's shows voting, as well as the members of ELF. The winner will be the sole survivor of the dungeon's dive and claim their prizes. The prizes are (in no particular order) :

a) They get to choose what setting/genre the next season's show will be. Imagine a bunch of wrestlers forced to play Sailor Moon for example. Or Steampunk, or Samurai's with Ninja... The world is their oyster!

b) They get me to help get them into any of other more successful feds I can place them in, potentially on different servers. I've spoken already to a half dozen or so GM's on server 1, and intend to speak to some on server 3 and see if I can throw my weight behind the quality of the winner, providing proof of their work and ethic right here on this site.

Why would I basically ask my best players to leave? Because I'm not in this to win Federation Of The Millenium. I'm in this to make the crappy roleplayers of today be the awesome roleplayers of tomorrow. I know they'll bring pride and honor to my name by simply being awesome themselves.

This site will serve as a place to post the shows, include the polls, and maybe see some of the behind the scene's stuff if my crew demands it. lol

Have any thoughts, questions, or concerns? Now would be a great time to pose them so I can answer them as soon as they come.

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What are we at Excel League Fighters?
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